What To Do When Love's Grown Cold?

Revive Our Hearts: Restoring Our Passion for Christ  

A Love Grown Cold

You’ve just heard a word of the Lord through your pastor that he/you/we are all in need of revival in our hearts (In case you haven’t heard this call to revival, listen here). Now what? Throughout Scripture when a call to revival was issued there was always a response but revival was not always realized. Why? It was because of what type of response was given.

Let’s be clear that probably everyone who attended Family Life Bible Church on Sunday morning, August 20, 2017 and heard the message, realized we are in a time of need. The means of having our love restored for the Lord was presented during the message in this way. We are to:

  1. Remember

  2. Repent

  3. Return


We remember the passion and the love we once had for the Lord. Not a desire for only His blessings but a strong desire for Him. Remembering that period in our lives helps us to recognize where we are now. It’s almost like when the the prodigal son in Luke 15 “came to his senses” he remembered what it was like back home. He remembered what his father’s hired hands had and I’m sure also that, in comparison, there were a lot better things and love back home than what he was experiencing presently in his life. We need to REMEMBER.


We repent when our thinking changes to align with that of Christ. When we drift from God and our hearts grow cold it can not be credited to anyone else but ourselves. We get into a pattern of thinking that leads us far from the plan and fellowship of the Lord and towards our own agenda. Repentance is needed to turn our thoughts back to His where our steps will follow. We need to REPENT.


We return when action follows and we melt back into the arms of our Father and enjoy his favor, relationship, and grace. Returning means we take the steps necessary to move back to Him. Of course when we come with the right attitude and desire, He runs to us and wraps us in His arms of acceptance and robes us in righteousness. There is a celebration that we have once again when we return. We need to RETURN.

So how will our hearts be revived? How will our passion for Christ be restored? When we as the body of Family Life Bible Church say yes to remembering, repenting, and returning. Some may make the other choice to remain. Nothing is promised to those who remain in their persistence to move farther from Christ. There will be no revival if that path is followed. We will all respond to God’s call to revival. The question for you is how will you respond? Let’s listen to God’s call to us to choose revival! Clear your calendars to seek God’s face for Family Life as we engage Him on Sundays from Sept. 10 - Oct. 29 at 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.