At the Feet of Jesus

At the Feet of Jesus

My dad tells the story of when my younger brother, Tim, woke him up one night. Dad was lying on his side toward the edge of the bed. Something caused him to open his eyes where he saw that Tim was just standing there, a foot from his face, looking at him. I know. The stuff you would see in a horror flick. Tim said, “Daddy. What are we gonna do now?” Dad crawled out of bed and said, “We’re going back to bed!”

Tim is a lot like us when it comes to sitting at the feet of Jesus and getting to know Him more. We would rather know “what are we gonna do now?” We are looking for something that will benefit us. We may be bored in life or want to know how life is going to get easier. Sometimes our question is about “why,” when we come to the feet of Jesus. “Why did my life turn out like this or why did I get stuck with these people?”

When we come before the Lord, there are many things to distract us from the purpose of getting to know Him more. Martha was distracted from doing her diligent serving when she saw that Mary was doing what Jesus said was the one thing that was necessary: sitting at Jesus’ feet. We are distracted by a lot of good things in life that take us away from something that is really more necessary in our relationship with Jesus. The priority is a need of spending time getting to know Him.

How do you get to where you are no longer running past the feet of Jesus but rather stop and sit a spell? You make a choice. Jesus told a burdened Martha that “Mary has chosen the good part.” So whatever is good or bad in your life that is distracting you from spending time knowing your Lord better, is to be reckoned with. Will you continue to fly past His feet pursuing those things or will you put them aside to spend time with Him?

The next time you ask the Father, “Daddy, what are we gonna do now?” He will probably tell you to go and spend time at the feet of His Son.