When men get together they sharpen each other. (Prov. 27:17) Family Life desires to develop sharp men and encourage them in a passionate walk of bringing glory to God with their lives. We have opportunities throughout the year that help us achieve this goal.

Weekly Bible Study

Our men enjoy a couple of opportunities to engage with each other as they encounter God's Word. During the fall, winter, and spring seasons there is a study that takes place during the week on Family Life's campus centering around a book of the Bible.

Every Thursday night a team of Family Life men hold small group studies with several men involved in the second phase of Renewal Ranch. This study is at 7:00 p.m. and lasts for an hour. If interested please contact Tommy Wallace to get involved.

The Mountains Men's Retreat

Our annual men's spring retreat involves our men and their sons (3rd grade and up) getting away for the weekend for spiritual refreshment. This usually involved something like a trip to the Buffalo River Wilderness to enjoy some R&R together. Look for details in our newsletter and calendar in late winter or early spring.

Gathering Events

Recognizing the importance of getting together often, our men find reasons throughout the year to enjoy meals at local restaurants together. Some of these times are scheduled but many just happen through the fellowship and love our men have for the Lord and each other.