Revive Our Hearts is a dedicated time of eight weeks when Family Life Bible Church will seek God's face asking Him to restore our passion for Christ. Beginning Sept. 10 - Oct. 29, 2017 we will hear from God's Word regarding the condition of our hearts in the Sunday morning services beginning at 10:00 a.m. On Sunday evenings we gather in groups in the worship area at Family Life's campus at 6:00 p.m. to talk about what he has spoken to our hearts. You are needed there so that we as God's people can hear collectively from Him. Our aim is to walk in unity as we follow Him to where He is leading us now and into the future. Below find the themes we will follow on this journey.


Week 1 (9-10-17): Luke 10:38-42 “Sitting at the Feet of Jesus” 

Week 2 (9-17-17): Rev. 3:14-22 “The Church that Makes God Sick” 

Week 3 (9-24-17): Ex. 20:3-6 “You Shall Have no other gods Before Me” 

Week 4 (10-1-17): Matt. 5:1-6 “The Truly Blessed” (Part 1)

Week 5 (10-8-17): Matt. 5:7-12 “The Truly Blessed” (Part 2) 

Week 6 (10-15-17): I Pet. 1:13-16 “Be Holy For I am Holy” 

Week 7 (10-22-17): Rom. 13:11-14 “Laying Aside the Deeds of Darkness” 

Week 8 (10-29-17): Col. 4:2 “Devote Yourselves to Prayer”