The Truly Happy (Part 2)

In a world that wants instantaneous happiness there's a little bit of irony that this theme comes in two blog posts, right? (See the first one here) In fact we've probably come to understand that being truly happen doesn't have a 5, 7, or 12 step plan. Rather it's the blessing that comes from living a life that is completely surrendered to Christ. He's shown us what that looks like in "The Beatitudes" found in Matthew 5:1-12.

Just to give you a quick reminder list, Jesus presented them in this way. Blessed are the:

·         Poor in spirit

·         Mournful

·         Meek

·         Ones hungering and thirsting for righteousness

·         Merciful

·         Pure in heart

·         Peacemakers

·         Persecuted for the sake of Christ

If that's not your idea of a happy list it is probably because building the qualities of the beatitudes are costly and can often be painful. This is where I would hear my high school football coach screaming, "No pain, no gain!!" Our team didn't necessarily understand what that meant back then but because he was so intense about it we ran and worked harder. Our  team now (church family) doesn't always know what that completely means either, but we are committing ourselves to spend time together listening to what Jesus is saying and we've decided to push ahead and follow Him, no matter the cost. Why? Because we need Him and the refreshing for which our souls cry out

There's no doubt that in a list that is so comprehensive as "The Beatitudes" that we can let our hearts run down the list and realize that we have a deficit in several areas. So as you have come across this post hoping to possibly find some happiness, is it possible that the Lord would have you take the most critical of the eight listed above to have Him work on in your life today? If you do, I think you will find that you've taken the first step of many in becoming a part of "The Truly Happy" team.

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