Future Thanksgivings

What will Thanksgiving be like in the future? To be honest, we don’t really know but I’m hoping that tradition will hold strong and that there will still be turkey, dressing, and plenty of desserts. Oh, and football! We love the nostalgic feelings of Thanksgiving with all the food, friends, family, and fighting. Oops, yes unfortunately we’ve all experienced some of that. For those memories we are mostly thankful and even for things we experience or acquire now, we give thanks.

Did you ever stop to think about being thankful for future blessings? What? Why would we do that? How can you be thankful for something that you don’t have or hasn’t even happened? It can happen and it should as we consider the promises of God. In fact, we act in faith when we are thankful for his promises, trusting that they will happen just as God has said.

So what should we be thankful for when it come to the promises of God? Revelation 21:1-8 provides some wonderful reasons we can be thankful for our future as followers of Christ. These are not just some ideas that are floating around out there somewhere in the future. These are firm and sure blessings that our Father will bring to us as we meet him in our afterlife. So let’s just run through those benefits for which to be thankful.

The Blessings of Something New

Don’t you love when you get a gift that is new and never has been opened? We are not talking about a recycled or re-gifted present but something that has never been seen before. This something new is a new heaven and earth! There is so much wrong on the planet where we live now but one day it will go up like a match factory and something totally new will be created in its place. Be thankful for the NEW blessing.

The Blessing of a New Home

We will be moving to a new city in the future where no one has ever lived. It will be perfection and just right for everyone who follows Christ. This home will contain real family of all of those who have been raised with Christ to walk in a new life. It is prepared especially for those who’ve experienced his love. God will live there with us and we will be identified and enjoy the privilege of being his people. Be thankful for your NEW home.

The Blessing of the End of Suffering

There is no doubt that we are overwhelmed with pain and suffering in this world. Can you imagine there being a future where there is no aching back, annoying drivers, and sin or the consequences of sin? When you’ve trusted Jesus and have a relationship with him you are guaranteed that type of future. So many today are looking for ways to avoid the inevitable pains of life. In our eternal future there will be no worrying about it. Be thankful for a NEW way of life.

The Blessing of Benefits That Will Never Expire

What do gift cards, bananas, and milk have in common? Yes, they all expire at some point. Imagine a world where all things good never expire. This is a promise of God that you will one day experiences. We will enjoy all of these things in the presence of our God who loves us and prepared everything for our enjoyment and his glory. Be thankful for NEW blessings.

The Blessing of Never Experiencing the Second Death

We know from God’s word that there is terrible punishment ahead for those who never trust Christ as their Savior. This is called the second death. When we follow Jesus we will never have to face this. We will live with him in eternity forever. Be thankful for being able to live a NEW life forever.

So as you sit around the table this Thanksgiving and see the wonderful food you are going to eat and think about the wonderful friends and family that have blessed you throughout the years, don’t forget to share some thanks for what lies ahead. Your Father’s promises are sure and true. One day you will be looking back and realize that. Be thankful.